E-mail address

My e-mail address is for professional stuff, for other messages.

If this is the first e-mail you send me, please include the word "baldor" in the subject line. This is an anti-spam measure required only for your first e-mail to me. Thank you.

PGP Fingerprint: 69A2 6713 157C 77B4 1E64 9501 A326 1A0C E834 C57D

Keybase: chato

Bitmessage (unused): BM-GuAgmxYHG6bbTHmrui71ZBt8ZSGTuk9V

Meetings, etc.

My preferred method for meetings is secure internet telephony, for instance as provided by OSTEL -- you can use any SIP-compatible free software such as Jitsi (Windows/Mac/Linux) or CSipSimple (Android). There are also paid alternatives for iOS and Blackberry.

Alternatively, we can use Skype.

Finally, Google Hangouts is also an option: (G+) Carlos Castillo.

Other contact options

Time zone: Central Europe (CET/CEST)