Social media mining: a multi-disciplinary toolbox

The topics of this seminar include basic tools from text analysis, link analysis, and machine learning, for the purposes of mining information from the social web.

Instructor: Carlos Castillo. Seminar: Social Media Mining. Location: UC3M.


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 01A_vector-space-model/ - The vector-space model
 01B_text_search/ - Indexing and searching text
 02A_extraction/ - Information extraction
 02B_summarizing/ - Text summarization
 03A_supervised_learning/ - Supervised learning
 03B_text_classification/ - Text classification
 03C_sentiment_analysis/ - Sentiment analysis
 03D_graph_models/ - Graph models
 03E_link_ranking/ - Link-based ranking
 04A_dense_subgraphs/ - Dense sub-graphs
 04B_graph_partitioning/ - Graph partitioning
 04C_social_influence/ - Social influence
 05A_influence_maximization/ - Influence maximization
 05B_mining_social_media/ - Examples of social media mining
 05C_natural_experiments/ - Natural experiments
 05D_matching_studies/ - Matching studies
 assignment.odt 17KAssignment
 assignment.pdf 40KAssignment
 exercise_answers/ - Exercise answers
 extra_lectures/ - Extra lectures

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