Data Mining in Graphs and Social Networks

Instructor: Carlos Castillo. Program: Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas 2016.


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 00_introduction/ - Introduction
 01A_graph_models/ - Graph models
 01B_link_ranking/ - Link-based ranking
 01C_other_centrality/ - Other centrality metrics
 02A_social_influence/ - Social influence
 02B_influence_maximization/ - Influence maximization
 03A_dense_subgraphs/ - Dense sub-graphs
 03B_graph_partitioning/ - Graph partitioning
 04A_recommending_links/ - Recommending links
 04B_recommender_systems/ - Recommending content
 05A_mining_social_media/ - Mining social media
 05B_observational_studies/ - Observational studies
 Evaluacion.txt3.2KEvaluaciĆ³n (tarea)
 Programa N2.pdf 12KPDF of slides

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