Algorithmic Methods of Data Mining

Instructors: Aris Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Carlos Castillo. Sapienza University of Rome, Fall 2015.


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 01_vector-space-model/ - Vector Space Model
 02_clustering/ - Clustering
 03_kmeans/ - K-Means Algorithm
 04_hierarchical/ - Hierarchical Clustering
 05_summarizing/ - Summarization
 06_indexing/ - Indexing
 07_text-indexing/ - Text Indexing
 08_link_ranking/ - Link-Based Ranking
 09_graph_models/ - Graph Evolution Models
 10_dense_subgraphs/ - Dense Sub-Graphs
 11_graph_partitioning/ - Spectral Graph Clustering
 12_recommender_systems/ - Recommender Systems
 13_mining_social_media/ - Mining Social Media
 exercise-answers/ - Answer to exercise in class
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